Are your Grand Visions actually holding you back?


Hi there,

When I was growing up, my dad and I would get these big ideas we called, “Grand Visions”.  We’d spend hours talking about them, planning them step by step.  I remember during one road trip, we made a list of over 100 items we needed to fix at our house to make it PERFECT.

Obviously my dad and I both have perfectionistic tendencies. It’s a struggle, lol.  We often get stuck in “planning” mode and don’t move forward into “getting it done” mode.  Thank goodness for my mom!  She’s great at getting things done and not letting perfection be the enemy of good enough.

Do you ever feel like that in your world?  Do you think you have to get 100% organized in 100% of your home?  I’ve been there.  I finally realized that it wasn’t doable and in the brief moments it was all clean, tidy, organized, I wasn’t happy, anyway.  I was actually stressed out waiting for things to unravel. 

I now approach organizing as a continuum.  Some places in my home I like to keep tidier and others I allow life to happen a bit.  I consider myself to be generally organized, but no Martha Stewart.  I can find my keys, but don’t always put my craft items away right after I use them. 

I discovered that if I let myself get caught up in the Grand Vision of things, I’ll never start anything. If this sounds familiar, consider trading your Grand Visions for making progress and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.   By removing the expectation of 100% perfection, you are open to take small steps each day that lead to results that are good enough.


 1. Just start!  Pick a small drawer or cabinet or section and clear it out and straighten it to look nice and work efficiently.  You may find yourself just walking by to admire your work!


2. Create a home for incoming paperwork in your kitchen.  Just a basket or bin wherever paperwork seems to pile up on the counters.


3. Create a hot drink station inside a kitchen cabinet near your coffeemaker/Keurig/stovetop…


4. Start small.  Set your timer for 10 minutes and clear out and straighten your junk drawer or makeup drawer.


So here is my big advice to you:


What have your “Grand Visions” held you back from accomplishing?