Why Hire A Professional Organizer?

  1. I will give you a non-judgemental review of your spaces.
  2. I will listen to your wishes and needs for your spaces and the challenges that you are facing.
  3. I have enthusiasm for tackling projects that is infectious!
  4. I will ask you important questions to help you decide what to keep and let go.
  5. I will keep you focused on the tasks at hand.  This will make the project get done quicker than without my help.
  6. I have a huge grab bag of ideas to apply to your spaces and systems.
  7. You will gain time by creating organized spaces and systems.
  8. You can begin making your wishes for your home a reality!
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What To Expect When Working With Me

So, you've determined that you want to get your home organized and have decided to find out more about getting help to make it happen.  Congratulations!  That's a great step forward.  Here's a little about what you can expect from the process.

  1. Initial Phone Call: The first step is a 15 minute phone call to discuss your organizing needs and the goals for your spaces.  This gives us both a chance to ask questions and for you to get a comfort level about inviting me into your home. 
  2. Onsite Consultation: Next is an "as is" walk through of your home.  Don't worry - there is no judgement from me about your spaces.  This allows me to see how your spaces flow together and take some photos so I can plan the details of our sessions together.  Photos are never shared without your permission.  
  3. Moving Forward: At the end of the walk through we will discuss moving forward and what package makes sense for your situation.  We'll go over policies, package options, payment and schedule future sessions if you are ready to do so.  You can see my rates on my services page.
  4. Organizing Session(s): My sessions are typically 3 hours long.   While working in your space(s), I will keep you focused and use our time efficiently while gently guiding you through your decision making process.  I will keep track of time so we find a good stopping point and can leave your spaces picked up even if the project is not complete.  Many projects take additional sessions to finish.
  5. PAYMENT: At the end of the session, you will pay me for our time together, unless you have chosen a multi-session prepaid package.  I accept Cash, Check (made payable to AGB Organizing), or credit card (processed through Square).
  6. Follow Up: I will follow up with you in between sessions and after our work together to answer questions and help you with any adjusting of your space(s)/system(s).

My Organizing Process

I consider myself an organizer that focuses on function, efficient use of space, and simple processes.  While I love to make a space look pretty and am happy to help you do that, I often suggest trying out a method and making sure it works for you before purchasing expensive organizing tools or containers.

  1. Analyze: I will use all the information gathered from the walk through appointment  to create a Plan Of Action for achieving your organizing goals.
  2. Sort: We will work through your focus areas by sorting like with like.
  3. Decide: We will review your items and make decisions about what to keep based on your needs and goals.
  4. Organize: I will evaluate your space and we will create homes for your items to work well with how you use the them.
  5. Containerize: This is the time to decide what, if any, containers are needed.  Often, we can use what you already have in your home.  If additional items are needed we will discuss options to fit your budget and sort out purchasing and installing the items in your space.
  6. Maintenance: I will follow up with you to see how your space is working and discuss any issues that have come up that may need changing.